What if the Push of a Button is all it Takes to Rotate your Rod?

At Last: The EVOLUTION 360 Flush Mount Rotatable Rod Holder

Did you ever stop and think, if only I could turn that?

100 years in the making!

The all new Evolution 360, rotating rod holder is more of a revolution than an evolution.  It completely revolutionises the conventional flush mount rod holder that bind you to a fixed rod position with no ability to adapt to environmental factors that can affect your rod and reel at any time while fishing.  Factors like wind, tide, current and wave action can all now be accounted for with these new rod holders, which allow you to rotate the rod up to 360 degrees with the push of a button and come in three sleeve angles (0, 15 and 30 degrees) for even more flexibility.  Adjust your spread and angles at will when trolling, drifting, at anchor or bottom fishing and bring your rod tip inboard to adjust your rig.  You can now even turn your rods in to protect them when underway or docking.  The all new Evolution 360 rod holders are set to revolutionise your fishing experience.

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Every Fishermans boat must have one of these!

Why should I use the Exploding Fish Evolution 360 fishing rod holder? The Evolution 360 is one of its kind. It was designed to solve problems associated with the standard flush mount rod holders, which have been unable to rotate in the past. It allows rotation in all...

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