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Intelligent | Efficient | Effortless

“It rotates, it’s awesome, go get your boat fitted with them now” 
Reel Hazardous - Florida, United States

Our rotating & fixed holders

✓ Rotate your rod up to 360 degrees with the push of a button, so you can easily fine tune its position to account for different factors like wind, tide, current and wave action

✓ Choose from three sleeve angles (0, 15 and 30 degrees) for even more flexibility

✓ 316L Stainless Steel, forged with strength and durability in mind, with a 5 YEAR WARRANTY,  to reflect quality for years to come in the harsh marine environment.

✓ Adjust your spread and angles at will when trolling, drifting, at anchor or bottom fishing, and effortlessly bring your rod tip inboard to adjust your rig. Turn your rods in to protect them when underway or docking

✓ Option for a retrofit solution so you can have the same footprint with your rotating and fixed holders, allowing for future changes in the desired configuration.

"They are Awesome....I have prevented so many braid breaks on my runner eyelets, now... Problem Solved. I highly recommend these to every boat owner that wants more fish in their boat, and less “the one that got away” Stories".

Jase Teelow -  Cairns Australia



“After thoroughly testing the Exploding Fish Rotating rod holder, it has proven to be a great product and we are looking forward to making rotating rod holders standard in our boats” 

Extreme Boats New Zealand



“Thanks Jim. I am in awe of my Exploding Fish rod holders. Press of a button and presto - turned to the action.  How did I fish beforehand!!!  And it’s not just exceptional for the fishing experience.  We can set our angles wide and it prevents our multiple lines getting tangled”

Raul Watson, South Africa



“I have put the rotating features to heavy use on a number of different fishing levels and it has not missed a beat” 

Captain Casey Harrison, Queensland, Australia

Screaming Reels, Bent Rods, Line Peeling Out, Adrenaline Pumping – These Are The Moments We Live For. We Love Fishing!

And Combining It With Innovative Design For A Superior Fishing Experience.


Be at the forefront of Innovation – Buy Exploding Fish Now!

Be the FIRST to change the way you fish! Be it sports fishing, deep dropping, live bait or just about any style of fishing, even kite fishing, Fine tune your rods position like never before with the push of a button for a better inshore/offshore fishing experience.

Once you have used the Exploding Fish Rod Holders and taken on board its advantages over its predecessors you will wonder how we got by all these years without it!