Here is a list of my top five favourite accessories for a fishing boat.

You have your favourite rod, bait and you’re about to hit the water. What else do you need to make your day even better?  These are some of the products  I think you will need.  The first is something I feel very passionate about.  It’s a flush mounted rotating rod holder, that will fit all your fishing rods. It’s made from stainless steel and was developed here in Cairns.

1. The Evolution 360 rod holder.

The benefits of a rotating  rod holder are endless. Not only will it hold your fishing rod, it will also allow it to rotate in any direction. Any enthusiast can appreciate the value in being able to move your fishing rod. Out on the water, there are so many different environmental factors that will affect how your rod should be positioned. That’s why it is so ideal to have a rotating  rod. Whether trolling, live bait fishing, bottom fishing or drift fishing, the Evolution 360 rod holder is what you need. These are some of it features.

  • Stainless steel, not cheap plastic
  • Great price
  • Rotating Rod Holder
  • Flushed Mounted to boat
  • Cairns made
  • Great price
  • Fits all boats.

2. Prowave Bait board live bait tank.

Every fishing enthusiast will agree that when it comes to bait, the fresher the better.

  • Bait board is combined with a live bait tank!
  • This bait board is designed specifically for bolting to a boat.
  • It is made from marine grade aluminium which will ensure it will withstand many years of marine use.
  • A perfect addition to any boat!
  • Great Price

3. GME GX620 handheld marine radio.

This is a great accessory for any boat owner or fishing enthusiast.  It’s a must for when you are out in the ocean.

  • It is a lower cost portable option without sacrificing features or compromising on quality.
  • It boasts most of the features of the larger fixed-mount radios
  •  Ideal for boats that don’t have electrical systems or enough space for a fixed-mount radio.
  • Can be used on Kayak’s
  • Great price

4. Waeco Cool icebox.

Waco Coolers are a must have for any boat.

  • The Waeco Cool-Icebox range is made from roto-moulded polypropylene and has refrigeration-grade foam insulation.
  • These materials have low heat absorption, which means your ice will stay frozen for longer (usually about 3-10 days).
  • The 41L model size is perfect for the fisherman that want to store their freshly caught fish by putting it on ice or in an ice slurry.
  • The best thing is, the Waeco Cool Icebox is available in a range of sizes to suit all different needs.

5. Hummingbird Helix 7 Chirp SI/GPS G2 combo.

Use this and you will never loose your way and always know where the fish are.

  • !Fishfinders and GPS systems are both essential accessories for any fishing boat.
  • This device is both a high-definition sonar device and GPS unit.
  • It has lots of great with features, such as track and chart plotting,
  • split-screen zoom and 3D chart view.


This is what I think you need. I am biased  towards The Evolution 360 Rod Holder. It’s made from stainless steel (not cheap plastic), mounts straight to the boat and will work with all your favourite rods.  With all these great products you will have a great day out on the water.  So what are you waiting for? Grab your favourite rod and get out there. Contact me for more information



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