If you are planning on doing some fishing in Cairns, you definitely need to check out my five favourite fishing spots. If travelling by boat, I would recommend one of my favourite accessories to use…. the Exploding fish rotating rod holder! It fits onto any boat but unfortunately not suitable for kayaks. It is a stainless steel rod holder, not made from some cheap black plastic. You will be surprised at how reasonable the price is! It will hold your rods and allow them to rotate according to varying conditions on the day such as current, wind, tide etc.

Kings Point

Just out from the Cairns Harbour is a deep channel that runs between the mountainous coast and Fitzroy Island. Kings Point drops steeply to over 40ft and is where you can find some big Fingermark. If you have a stainless steel flush mount rod holder installed on your boat, you will be able to rotate your rod easily depending on the tide, current, wind so that you are sure to bring the big one home! You can even have more than one rod holder installed to really maximise your chances!

Trinity Inlet

This Estuary winds over 90km through tropical mangroves. Here you can find over 40 species of fish! So how about using some of those new fishing accessories that you’ve had sitting in the shed since Christmas! The Exploding fish rod holders are available at a reasonable price and are made from stainless steel not cheap black plastic.

Barron River

Barron River is just north of Cairns International Airport. If you have a stainless steel mount rod holder installed on your boat, you will easily be able to rotate your rod and catch the Barra! You may also find Grunter, Jacks, Bream and Trivially.

Yorkeys Knob

During summer and after heavy rainfall, baitfish and prawns get washed out from the creek and take shelter along the rock wall structure at Yorkers Knob. This attracts prime barramundi so grab your rod and get ready to catch a barra! You can grab a rod and fish off the rocks or use a boat. You could try your new Exploding fish rod holder which can allow your rods to rotate in any direction. They are available at a very reasonable price.

Palm Cove

Palm cove is about 30 mins north of Cairns. The jetty makes a great spot for families. There are even handy rod holders installed along the length of the jetty! There are plenty of takeaway places along palm cove where you can buy a meal or a drink at a great price! So what are you waiting for, grab your rod and head on down!

Thanks for taking the time to read about my favourite places to fish in Cairns. If you are travelling by boat, I would definitely recommend having an Exploding fish rotating rod holder installed. It is one of the must have accessories for any fishing enthusiast. It is a good quality product, made from stainless steel not cheap black plastic and is available at a reasonable price.

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