Success, Here it comes

An amazingly successful trip to Thailand. We managed to secure suppliers for the stainless parts, the rubber components plastic bearings and even the packaging. With everything being manufactured in Thailand we have high expectations of developing a high-end premium product

The stainless factory is one of the most organised and quality focused facilities my Industrial Designer has ever come across with every step of the process qualified and tested so there are very few rejects in the final parts.

I am fully confident that the evolution 360-rod holders will be of the highest quality as referenced by the many quality parts they already make for some of the world’s biggest names in yachting and architecture.

At this stage, we are looking at having our first production run of 1500 units ready for a pre-Christmas launch so stay tuned for details on how you can get your hands on the revolutionary Evolution 360 Bluewater sports series heavy duty rotating rod holder and be the envy of all your boatie mates.




The team behind the first ever Flush Mount Rotating rod holder



    AFTA 2017

The Australian Fishing Trade Association is holding the annual AFTA trade show, the premier networking event for the fishing trade industry in Australia. As the largest and only official trade show solely dedicated to the fishing, marine, and outdoors industries, it is the place where our industry does business.

It is also the place where the industry comes together to celebrate its achievements and is the only Australian event for members to unveil and showcase innovative new products to the best of the industry.

Here at Exploding Fish, we are going to have a stand at the show and we’re very excited to showcase the Evolution 360 flush mount rotating rod holder to the industry.

Come and see us at the show on the 30th July to the 1st August 2017 at stand 292

The all new Evolution 360, rotating rod holder is more of a revolution than an evolution.  It completely revolutionises the conventional flush mount rod holder that bind you to a fixed rod position with no ability to adapt to environmental factors that can affect your rod and reel at any time while fishing.  Factors like wind, tide, current and wave action can all now be accounted for with these new rod holders, which allow you to rotate the rod up to 360 degrees with the push of a button and come in three sleeve angles (0, 15 and 30 degrees) for even more flexibility.  Adjust your spread and angles at will when trolling, drifting, at anchor or bottom fishing and bring your rod tip inboard to adjust your rig.  You can now even turn your rods in to protect them when underway or docking.  The all new Evolution 360 rod holders are set to revolutionise your fishing experience.

Have a look at the prototype of the EVOLUTION 360 flush mount rotating rod holder, we are aiming to bring production forward so stay tuned.  Join the journey and like and follow us on and go to the website at for more information, we would appreciate if you could share the video of the Evolution 360.

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