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Boston Whaler 420

Ah The dream boat, Few rod holders for her!

A push of a button

Stylish and functional 


 Out in the middle of the ocean without a bbq, garlic and butter, bummer.

Early Cad Designing

Cad design from Scot Farley at

Cairns quality (fish shop) red

He probably got that from the fish shop, think i can see some newspaper stuck on it..

If this goes well Enough

From little things big things grow..

There's a first

Never seen a 30 Degree flush mount rod holder point back that way before?

Sudbury cay

Another beautiful part of the Great Barrier Reef off Cairns

Cairns calm day

The odd occasion the trade winds have dropped 

Fishing off Cairns

Another adaptation to the Evolution 360

The 0 Degree configuration with an Outrigger set up, good spread for trolling or Bottom Bashing

Diawa Electric Reel

Believe me when your fishing in a couple of hundred meters of water these really come into play

Boston Whaler 420

Jim looks like a little kid behind the helm of this big boy.

The look of Confidence

No Boundaries

Other style rod holders, BBQ’s, Bait boards all can now rotate now it’s endless

The Ferarri of Rod Holders

Sleek low profile built to last

The Rod Holder Revolution

It’s coming

The Trolling Configurations

Possible options for rod holders could be #1&4 as 0-degree holders with bent but rods then #2 could be 15-degree holders and #3 as 30-degree holders which can all be adjusted to suit. 

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