Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about The EVOLUTION 360

How much does the Evolution 360 cost?

At the moment we are obtaining a costing for the product to be manufactured and and are hoping to have a price soon.

Where can I purchase them?

The Evolution 360 will be available soon at stockists to be determined.

When will they be available?
We are currently obtaining a cost of the product for manufacturing.
What is your minimum order quantity?

The Evolution 360 can be ordered in any quantity, freight costs are involved.

What are they made from?

The Evolution 360 is made from high grade 316 stainless steel, some internal parts are plaslube ultra wear nylon and Santoprene UV resistance rubber.

Can the rod holder rust?
The Evolution 360 is made of highly polished 316 stainless steel and with care will not rust or corrode.
How strong is the rod holder?

The rod holder in prototype stage was tested to a level of 70kg pressure, when production is commenced it will be lab tested to acquire a line class rating.

Is the rod holder strong enough to troll for big palagics?

Yes, the Evolution 360 will withstand the pressure of the first strike in any trolling position, the rod holder is stronger than any top grade stainless steel holder on the market.

How do I install the rod holder?

The Evolution 360 is installed in the same manner as any other flush mount rod holder, positioning is determined by the desired area of rotation of the tube assembly.

Will the rod holder clog up with salt water?

The Evolution 360 was engineered to stop salt ingression as much as possible and only needs a wash down associated with cleaning the watercraft after being in salt water.

Is the evolution 360 easy to clean?

The rotating rod holder was engineered that if any maintenance was required it can easily be taken apart if necessary to clean or inspect but ideally a hose of at the end of the day is all that is required.

Do I need to change parts if so how do I change them?

The Evolution 360 was designed to be maintenance parts wise for a period of up to 5 years, any worn parts can be replaced easily if needed, for sale as a parts kit.

What degree configurations dose it come in?

The Evolution 360 comes in three angle configurations of 30 degrees -15 degrees and 0 degrees, the 15 and 0 degrees are well suited to bent but rod set ups.

What is the size of the Evolution 360?

The Evolution 360 in the 30 degree configuration is 144mm / 5.6″ long x 116mm / 4.5″ wide x 218mm / 8.5″ depth with a height above the gunwale of 12mm / .4″

What is the smallest gunwale the rod holder fits in?

The rotating rod holder will fit in most narrow gunwales of 120mm / 4.7″, it has a footprint of 116mm X 144mm or 4.5″ x 5.6″

Tube bottom swing area?

The 30-degree rod holder has a swing area of 276mm or 10.8″ and the 15-degree rod holder is 169mm or 6.6″ the wider the gunwale the more rotation is achievable, the Evolution 360 will always possibly achieve an 180-degree swing towards the fishing zone.

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