Why should I use the Exploding Fish Evolution 360 fishing rod holder?

  • The Evolution 360 is one of its kind.
  • It was designed to solve problems associated with the standard flush mount rod holders, which have been unable to rotate in the past.
  • It allows rotation in all directions.  Unlike standard flush mounted rod holders.
  • This alleviates any issues that may arise due to anchoring, drifting, trolling, wind, tide and current.
  • This means you don’t have to keep your rod in a permanent direction!
  • You will catch more fish and impress all of your mates!

Is it easy to use?

Yes! A push of a button is all it takes. It is suitable for both amateurs and professional fisherman!  It is just as easy to use as a flush mounted rod holder but with the added advantage of being able to rotate in all directions. You will be amazed at the simplicity of the Evolution 360.

Is it locally owned and operated?

Yes. The idea was born from a Cairns local Jim Mcquade. He was out one day off the coast of Cairns and asked himself the question ‘If only I could rotate my fishing rod’. Seven years later, the idea has become a reality!  Jim currently lives in Cairns and is a fishing  enthusiast,

Can you use it in freshwater and saltwater.

Yes! Cairns has such a diverse range of fishing spots.  The evolution 360 can be used for fishing in our beautiful great barrier reef.  It can also be used in our freshwater lakes.  There are so many beautiful spots to choose from in Cairns.  The options are endless!

Is the Evolution 360 fishing rod holder suitable for my boat?

Yes, it is suitable.  It is not a cheap plastic gadget or an old fashioned standard flush mounted rod holder.  Its the new and improved way of doing things. It is designed to fit on all fishing boats.

How many can I have installed.

You can install as many as you desire.   It is really your call depending on your needs.  Just remember though it rotates.  Imagine how much easier life will be.  All that frustration on standard flush mounted holders  will be gone.

How will the Evolution 360 fishing rod holder look on my boat?

The Evolution 360 rod holder is considered the Ferrari of all rod holders.  It has been designed by Scott Farley, an Industrial Engineer.  It is built to last and has a sleek, sophisticated appearance.  There is no cheap plastic rubbish here.  The evolution 360 is built to last and will sit nicely on your boat for years to come.

When will the Evolution 360 fishing rod holder be available to purchase?

We anticipate that it will be available very soon.  It is predicted to be very popular so it will hopefully be available to the public as soon as possible.  It has just finished the prototype phase and manufacturing will be the next step.

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