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The Evolution 360 was born from a typical light bulb moment for the inventor, Jim McQuade, some seven years ago whilst fishing in his Quintrex 510 Top Ender some 60 kilometres off his hometown of Cairns, Queensland, Australia. He was drifting in 70 meters of water, bottom fishing, with his rod in the standard plastic flush mount rod holder (which is in just about every fishing boat) and the direction the current was flowing created an awkward bend of the rod and the direction that the line was running, was not ideal.  Jim asked the question of himself; ‘If only I could move that?’ Hence, the idea was born and the Evolution 360 Flush Mount Rotating Rod Holder was created.

Jim McQuade-Inventor

Inventor of the Evolution 360, Jim has always been trying to come up with something new. Jim has been a Contractor and had businesses in the Civil Construction Industry for some 35 years. Jim currently resides in Cairns, Queensland, Australia, and has been a keen fisherman and boating enthusiast all his life. All of the time this was staring him in the face and he never realised that it could be a change for the future. Jim has worked tirelessly on the project believing in the need to improve and evolve the common flush mount rod holder and solve some problems associated with it. Jim now holds the position of Consultant for the day to day duties of Exploding Fish Pty Ltd.

Resides: Cairns

email: jim@explodingfish.com

Chris Rogers-Corporate Development Manager

Chris is an entrepreneur and experienced businessman in Asia and is a director of the business. In 2007 Chris founded 113 East Limitada which is an operating, distribution and gaming consulting business registered and based out of Macau. In 2009 Chris co-founded FabSmart Company now with factory facilities and headquarters located in Chonburi Thailand.  . Chris was formerly the Director of International Sales and Marketing for Stargames, an Australian Gaming Company, acquired in 2005 by Shuffle Master Inc.  He held a variety of senior management roles over his eleven-year tenure with the company.  Chris participated in the sale and transition of Stargames to Shuffle Master and has extensive industry relationships. Chris has worked in Asia for the past 20 years of which he has lived in Macau for the past eleven years with his wife and two young daughters. His experience includes work in Russia, South America, North America, Canada, UK, and Asia. He has a Diploma in Hospitality Management and over 25 years of experience in the gaming, manufacturing, and distribution.

Resides: Macau

Brett Davies – Business Development & Finance

Brett is EFL’s CFO and Business Development Manager.  He is CPA qualified and a graduate of the University of Melbourne majoring with honors in Accounting, Economics and Commercial Law.  Brett held senior management, accounting, and finance roles in major international entities such as BTR Nylex, ICI Orica (Invensys), National Mutual and Stargames Shufflemaster.During a tenure of over seven years at Stargames Limited, Brett in his progressive capacity of Chief Financial Officer, General Manager Commercial, and Chief Operating Officer was instrumental in the gaming company’s development from an Australian centric gaming machine manufacturer to that of a successful international gaming entity. Brett’s strong experience in gaming management is complimented with over 25 years of hands on skills in information technology, business strategy, and financial analysis.  

 Resides: Sri Lanka

Josh Hughes-Product Manager

Josh has been mates with Jim for the past decade and he resides in Cairns Queensland, Australia. Josh has been a fisherman all his life and has a passion for spearfishing. Josh has always been surrounded by fishing and boating in a business environment, with his parents owning a couple of shrimp trawlers and also he has been a pro reef trout fisherman. Josh was also a chef and ran numerous restaurants. Josh’s enthusiasm for everything fishing and with the marine industry is why he is passionate about the Evolution 360 Rod Holder and all of the future projects that will be developed. Josh holds the position of Product Manager for Exploding Fish Pty Ltd.

Resides: Cairns

email: josh@explodingfish.com

Scot Farley from F.3 Industrial Design has been an Industrial Engineer for the past 20 years.  He studied at the Queensland University of Technology and has a Bachelor and Post-Graduate in Industrial Design.  Scot has managed his own business, http://www.f3id.com, which he established in 2002, and has worked on many projects to date.  Scot has been involved with the Evolution 360 project for the past 12 months and has been a huge inspiration and mentor for Jim and the Team at Exploding Fish.  His passionate, positive and professional outlook is infectious, and bringing the Rod Holder into reality through hard and tireless hours is something Scot has and still enjoys (I think!).  But that’s Scot; his extensive knowledge of materials and design and his ability to listen and understand the needs of the client is why the Evolution 360 came to fruition from an idea.  Scot would love a dollar for every time Jim rang and said, hey mate, I won’t hold you up, I know you’re probably busy…and an hour or so later!!  That’s him, always ready to listen and give you his honest opinion.  Jim and the Team have built an ongoing business relationship and we would personally recommend Scot at http://www.f3id.com for your next product design project.

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